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Daily Work Records are the timesheets for users to record employees' daily office/site work (working hours, equipment/materials usage) in Job Book. Project Managers will review and approve the submitted DWRs. The flow of DWRs is illustrated as follows:

Dwr entry 1.jpg

Click the "Create New" icon in the "Daily Work Records" card on the dashboard.

Dwr entry 2.jpg

Users must first enter the date and select a job, after which they can fill out the rest of the DWR.

Dwr entry 3.jpg

Users will then add labour costs and equipment/materials.

Labour Cost
Information on cost items, employees, time cards, and descriptions are available in this section.
Equipment and Material
Information on cost items (incidentals, equipment, and material), names, units, and quantities are available in this section.

Dwr entry 4.jpg

Dwr entry 5.jpg

Dwr entry 6.jpg

After filling in the DWR details, users can add a representative signature for the DWR, and collect the client's signature if needed.

Dwr entry 7.jpg

When finished, users will check the Submitted checkbox and save the DWR. The DWR will then be available to the Project Manager for approval.